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Foodie Guide: The Underrated Salmon Belly

Pork belly is all the rage the last few years but one belly that we think is just as good and needs more attention is salmon belly! Yup, you heard that right. SALMON.BELLY.

In the United States, we have grown accustomed to eating mostly fillets of fish and discard other extremely delicious and flavorful parts like the salmon belly.

Salmon is known to have a good source of that “good fat” and the salmon belly packs the punch in omega 3 fats and flavor. It is absolutely delicious grilled, in soups, marinated teriyaki-style and so much more.

Salmon Belly Recipe Ideas:

  • Roasted in the oven with olive oil and fresh herbs

  • Poached

  • In our favorite broth for soups

  • Teriyaki-style

  • Stir-fried

  • Tempura

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