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Japanese Beauty Secrets

Korean skincare may be blowing up in the States, but Japanese beauty products are also trending. Japanese women love their skincare and here are some beauty secrets we wanted to share.

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1. Japanese Rice Face Mask via SkinKissable

Japanese women use homemade beauty tips for glowing skin like rice water to make their skin smoother and clearer.

  • Place one cup of rice in two cups of cold water and leave for twenty minutes.

  • After twenty minutes you need to mix the rice and water for a while and then separate the water from the rice.

  • Keep the rice water in a bottle (but don't throw the rice).

  • Soak a cotton with this water and apply with care over the skin and neck.

  • To make a face pack for glowing skin soak a strong tissue or paper towel with the water rice, and apply over the face and neck.

  • Leave it on for approx. 20 minutes.

  • Your skin should be as soft as a baby's.

Now with the rice we are going to make a body exfoliator:

  • Add enough water to the rice and blend.

  • Apply over the body in circular motions.

  • Leave for 5 minutes and rinse with cold or warm water but don't use any kind or soap or gel.

2. Green Tea by DIY Beauty Tutorials

Green tea is one of the top three ingredients Japanese women use in their skin care. Actually not only do they apply it topically but also drink it. I personally drink green tea 2-3 times a day, everyday. And I notice a HUGE difference in my skin. Matcha tea is becoming very popular in the West. Basically, it’s a highly potent version of green tea. It is loaded with polyphenols that fight free radicals and protect the skin against sun damage and skin cancer.

Fun Fact: Geishas were famous for their glamorous tea ceremonies mostly involving green tea.

3. Anti-Aging Face Mask by Skin Kissable

Get glowing and younger skin in one day with this amazing facial mask.

  • Boil 3 spoons of organic rice.

  • Reserve the rice and keep the water.

  • Now mix the rice with 2 spoons of avocado and one spoon of honey.

  • Apply over the face and neck for 20 minutes.

  • Remove with the rice water you kept before.

4. Facial Mask for Acne by Skin Kissable

Boil 3 spoons of rice and keep the water. Mix the rice with one spoon of honey and one spoon of milk. Once applied over the areas to treat leave for 45 minutes. Rinse off with the rice water.

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